Connecting Digital Ecosystems in Emerging Markets.

BonRezo is the good network that integrates people, organizations and technology in sub-Saharan Africa.

Technology Program Leadership for the African Market.

Our goal is to help our partners make the most out of investments in technology and to drive scale especially in markets serving rural populations.

Technology program leadership for your business.

With offices in Kenya and the US, we lead technology programs to fit your business needs.

Our goal is technology that is useful, useable and used – valuable, valued and value creating.

High Impact with a Global Focus

We focus on high impact areas like Agriculture, Finance and Health Care.

Our team is passionate about driving sustainable improvement through technology.

Global partners come to us because we focus on measurable outcomes and take the risk out of technical programs.

Our Value to Our Clients

Clients are the center of our business. We….

  • Partner to identify where technology can help their business.
  • Demystify complex digital concepts.
  • Integrate with their teams and bring new capabilities to their organization.
  • Reduce the risk of implementing critical technical solutions.
  • Communicate clearly, honestly and often.
  • Make it easy to engage, collaborate, and close projects.
  • Are a trusted adviser and an expert hand. 

Globally connected through our Global Experience

Our team brings decades of experience from global management consulting firms, Fortune 50 tech companies, global development organizations, African startups and mobile technology companies.

We work to bring the best of each of these markets to our African customers.